Application Form for Sierra Ooolation!

Online forms will be routed to Ooolation office. If you like, you may return forms as an email attachment, or snail mail a hard copy.

Sierra Camp applicants send and make checks payable to:

1111 E. Wylie St.
Bloomington IN. 47401
812 333 0838
Ooolation! Cancellation Policy: Sierras Camp For cancellations made before July 1, $500 will be refunded. For cancellations made after July 1, there will be no refund.

First time applicants:

Please have a music teacher or any reference who has worked with you in a musical capacity complete the Reference Letter Form (found at the end of this application) in your behalf, and have them send it to us ASAP.

Application Fee: A separate $20 application fee needs to be received for your application to be processed. This fee may be paid by credit card via the following link:
pay application fee with ccnow

Please begin your application by entering your name and e-mail in the following spaces:


1. Basic contact information

Mailing Address
Home Phone
Work Phone:
Both Parent's Names (required if camper is under 18)
Date of Birth:

2. Voice part & range
Voice part you usually sing. - bass, baritone, tenor, alto, soprano. You can list more than one.

What is the lowest note you can sing well and is it below, in the lower, mid, upper or above the bass clef? For example an Alto might say "G, upper bass clef" whereas a Bass might say "A, lower bass clef." Get help if necessary.

What is the highest note you can sing well (excluding falsetto)and is it below, in the lower, mid, upper or above the treble clef? For example a Soprano might say "A, above treble clef" whereas a Baritone might say "E, lower treble clef." Get help if necessary.

3. Music learning skills. Ooolation! enjoys a wide variety of learning abilities.
How well do you learn music by ear?
(rank yourself one to ten: 1 = can't, 10 = can easily) add comments.

How well do you read music?
(rank yourself one to ten) add comments.

How well can you hold an independent voice part?
(rank yourself one to ten) add comments

If given a recording of a song with 4 parts and the sheet music could you somehow learn your part?

Do you need someone to sing/play your part to you?
Yes        No

Do you like to move when you sing?
Yes        No

Talk about your musical life

List any vocal, instrumental, dance, theater or other performing experiences you've had.

Do you author any of this work, making stuff up, writing, composing, or choreographing?

What instruments do you play and at what level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?

5. Camp Food & Health
Our meals are easier to prepare if food preferences are kept to a minimum. Excepting medical conditions, we will choose two of the following three menu options. Please indicate which diet you would like to eat:


In addition to your choice above, please indicate if you absolutely CAN NOT eat any of these foods:
Red meat
Wheat Gluten

Please indicate any food/pet allergies or special health conditions or needs.
Please be complete here so we don't have any scary surprises.

Our camps feature rigorous hiking experiences attended by everyone. (2–8 miles in high and sometimes rugged conditions) Please indicate if your fitness level or any other condition would prevent your participation.

Please note that there is to be no smoking at Ooolation camps. We will be sending you an emergency medical and insurance form that you MUST fill out (with your parents if under 18) and return to us BEFORE you can come to camp. Sierra campers will also receive an insurance/waiver form to fill out and return. Will you make sure this happens?

The Sierra camp has a few cabins, however most staff and campers prefer tent camping in the aspens, usually opting for sleeping out under the brilliant Milky Way. There are more meteor showers than rain this time of year! Sierra camp applicants please indicate your preference.
Will you tent-camp? Yes       No

6. Suggestion box for campers of yore.

Please indicate the year(s) and camp(s) you have attended and then offer any ideas you think might improve those Ooolation! experiences you've had?
Camp and year attended:

Ideas and Suggestions:

7. Some writing for First-Time applicants only:
Please answer the following questions.

a.) Why do you want to come to Ooolation! Camp?

b.) Is there anyone (Parent, teacher, or friend) who wants you to attend Ooolation! camp more than you want to attend Ooolation! camp? If the answer is yes, please talk about their influence and how it's likely to affect your attitude in the first days of camp.

c.) Write about someone who has moved or inspired you. What was it about them?

d.) Tell us about any other unmentioned skills or qualities you have that could be an asset to Ooolation! Sense of humor, poetry, juggling, culinary talents, outdoor skills, or anything you'd care to mention.

But wait-you're not done yet! We need to receive your $20 Application Fee,
AND if you're a First-Time Applicant, a reference letter too!

Getting Financial Help

We'd like Ooolation! to be affordable for anyone. Given our bare bones budget, we are not in a position to offer scholarships. However if your finances are such that you would not be able to attend without assistance, we can suggest ways you might obtain sponsors. Pitch-making, fund raising, and well-expressed gratitude are important skills for any artist to develop. One such plan is the Pay Back When Able (PBWA) Loan, a no-interest loan payable at a later time in your life. You approach your potential benefactors with a realistic and well-timed pay back contract, promise of newsletters, music etc. and they get to enjoy what they have helped facilitate. They may value this investment in the future. We will gladly supply you with a sample PBWA agreement with which we've sponsored campers for the past 10 years. We can also supply you with CDs to bolster your pitch and inspire generosity. Please indicate how we might help:

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Even if you get it wrong, the data you entered will not disappear.
You get as many chances to get it right as you need.


If you're a first-time applicant you'll be need to get your music teacher/mentor/director to submit a reference.

1111 East Wylie St.
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 333-0838