Ooolation Sierra Camp 2012
Applicant Reference Letter

(For First-time applicants only)

To be completed by an adult professional who has worked with the applicant in a musical and/or performance capacity. Please read the Ooolation! brochure attached or found on our website, or have us email you one. You may use your computer to answer these questions, fill this form out or write a letter. Please answer all these questions, and send your letter, or email to the Ooolation office.

In order to ensure a candid response to these questions, please know that we are not going to share your comments with the candidate. Thank you for your time and thoughtful assistance.

Please begin your reference letter by entering your name and email


1. Basic contact information:

Applicant's Name
Your Name
Home Phone
Work Phone

2. In what capacity have you worked with the applicant?

The applicant will be singing in a small ensemble (18-25 singers) where their voice is very exposed. They will need to come prepared and be motivated to learn some challenging and unusual styles in our World Music repertoire. In order to have a positive camp singing experience, campers need to be able to match pitch easily and carry harmony parts on their own. Please tell us what you can about the applicant’s skills, particularly in these areas: general musicality, voice quality, tuning, facility with learning by ear or reading music, ability to hold an independent part, dance or movement capabilities. Please comment also on anything else that you might deem relevant for a performance camp.

Voice Quality
Everything else

4. Comment on the applicant's social skills as a collaborative artist.

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