“Camp Ooolation! was a wonderful and enriching experience! I will never forget the fabulous times I experienced there and Ooolation! will always be apart of me.”
-Katie Hicks, Bloomington, IN

“Last summer, Ooolation! gave my voice wings, and it's still flying!”
-Christie Burns, Sherman Oaks, CA

“The camp is perfect, full of music and warmth.”
-Anna Ardizzone, Bloomington, IN

“The Ooolation! experience is one of a kind. From the moment you arrive you feel right at home on our beautiful island. You sing fabulous music and make about 20 "bosom" friends that, over just about three weeks become a part of your life and change you forever. The music is a joy and a challenge, and the learning process often results in new fun and camaraderie every day. Even if you’re not a folk singer (take me, I'm studying opera!) Ooolation! helps to broaden all our musical bases, serving up music from all over. You may find yourself drumming out an Ashanti rhythm, singing an old Appalachian-folk song, or sitting around the fire at night playing a rousing game of pass the story, or professor know-it-all. We've done it all! Ooolation! helped me to become more confident not only in singing, but also as a person. Oh-and the one of a kind "Malcolm's specialty apple pies" are not (in any eventuality-rain, snow, or fog) to be missed.”
-Claire Guyer, Thomaston, ME

“Ooolation! can't really be called a camp. It's an experience unlike any other. Not only is it a creative and inspiring musical production, but the fun, easygoing, natural atmosphere conjures the happiest emotions out of me every summer. I could go on and on...”
-Lily Hamburger, Silver Spring, MD

“In two summers I have found that Ooolation! is where voices are heard, raised in song and laughter, our shared languages. It is where all the senses are explored and made stronger as you dance and drum, shout and sing, taste the homemade food of different countries, touch the hands of others in a friendly squeeze, see the beauty of the nature around you and in the talents and feelings of other people.”
-Bronwen Davies, Trenton, NJ

“You get to share your love for singing with people who feel the same way, while you are surrounded by nature's beauty and silence. Ooolation! is a feeling that comes with the surroundings and from the hearts of the people.”
-Kendra Duhon, Bloomington, IN

“It was a truly transporting experience... suddenly I found myself in a magical place where nature and music became one voice.”
-Josh Kartes, Muskegon, MI

“Ooolation! is the combination of amazing people and the music that they create together.”
-Emily Moss, Bloomington, IN

“Coming from a very musical family, it means a lot to say that I separate my musical experiences into those that came before Ooolation! and those that came after. The magic on Green's Island was a unique combination of people, place, and sound that brought out astounding qualities of leadership, musicianship, and friendship. When I try to describe camp to friends -- singing in the pines and grass by the sea, community meals and bonfires, hikes and swims in icy Maine water, silences and impromptu music-making, laughing and crying audiences -- they say, quite rightly, "Wow, it sounds like heaven." The most amazing gift Ooolation! gave me was the discovery of a person called "me" who I loved better than any "me" I had known before.”
-Shoshana Friedman, Newton, MA

“We all know the feeling of a cherished experience; one of those times we can hardly speak of without diminishing; a time that returns to our thoughts and warms us. Ooolation! is that time for our four kids. Summer scheduling can't begin in our house until we have the dates of camp. The greatest values of Ooolation! are the things we parents want so desperately for our children to understand: the benefits of hard work and healthy living, and the pure joy of working and being together. Out of it all comes love: love of the shared experience, love of nature, love of our many individual and collective gifts, and love of music. There is, of course, an incredibly talented, creative and fun staff that makes this all happen. Thank you for sharing your gifts with our children. You have enriched their lives and ours. See you at camp!”
-Laura Jesseph, parent of Ooolation! Participant

“The only reason I would want to be a teenager again is to go to an Ooolation! Camp. There’s such an abundance of magnificence, music, energy and fun!”
-Cindy Kallet, fan

“Learning to really listen while we were in the silent woods, made me feel peaceful and then when we sang, I sang with all my heart. Somehow I wasn't there just to sing anymore -- it was much bigger.”
-Hilary Glen, Bloomington, IN

“I came to a concert-what I got was a show-a real show-that had me smiling with watery eyes.”
-Margie van Auken, fan

“Thank you for creating the wonderful experience of community, music, and incredible natural beauty!”
-Vickie SkellCerf

“What an indescribably phenomenal time... The intense, utopic experience of Green's Island is of the sort you could have never imagined having. But then, once you have lived its stripped-down life of song, silence, and communion with others you simply can't fathom what your life was like before or without.”
-Rachel Ries, Goshen, IN

“I have wished there was a way to express the gift of your music-the magic of the performance we heard-the ministry of joy you all give the audience. Yours is music and community that is an endangered quality today. We never get enough of feeling inspired by young people engaging their passions. Just being in their presence fills me with renewed peace for the future.”
-Connie Millar, San Francisco, CA

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