Community Concerts featuring Hammer Dulcimer
Malcolm Dalglish's show goes to that ageless part of the brain, the imagination. "True stories that really could have happened..." are interwoven with the sounds of "two mallets dancing on a sea of strings." The compositions and playing techniques brought together on the hammer dulcimer Dalglish has built for himself are just as inventive as the stories he tells. The dulcimer pieces have many sections, at times emphasizing mystical rhythmic textures available on this ancient international instrument, other times voicing the simple lyricism of an old folk hymn or melody. The oldest form of the dulcimer, the santur, was played by the poets and storytellers of Mesopotamia in 2000 BC. With Dalglish, a contemporary form of this performance comes alive once again in a captivating show of rhyme, rhythm, story and song. Dalglish occasionally appears with percussionists Glen Velez or N. Scott Robinson who have similar approaches to their instruments.

"The tonal nuances and dynamic range he elicited from the instrument were simply brilliant."

Austin Chronicle

"Malcolm Dalglish wrapped a black cloak around his shoulders and the Woodstock Opera House audience around his finger."
The Northwest Herald

"A master of the Hammer Dulcimer."

"Dalglish's dulcimer sounds are both incomparable and indescribable, like moonbeams on a classical harp."
San Francisco Examiner

"Malcolm Dalglish's musicianship exemplifies the expansive range of the new acoustic sound. Technically brilliant and eminently open-minded, he is the first major artist to successfully merge the traditions of the hammer dulcimer with the sounds and concepts of today's global village."
Andy Cirzan, Ravinia Festival (Chicago)

"A consummate master of the hammer dulcimer.. He can make the instrument sing like a harpsichord, synthesizer, piano, mandolin, and banjo, then coax sounds from it that simply defy description."
Pulse Magazine

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