Hymnody of Earth & other Choir Collaborations

A ceremony of songs that celebrate the grace of our natural surroundings, extolling a reverence for trees, birds, and the balance of fields and woods. Written for mixed voices, hammer dulcimer, and percussion, this full length work featuring the poetry of Kentucky farmer, Wendell Berry, also makes use of some Shaker as well as early American hymn melodies. Other Choir Collaborations are possible. Malcolm appears as guest composer, soloist and accompanist with choirs featuring his works. There are over fifty published choral pieces with his unique use of the folk idiom.

"Highly evocative... sparkling and pensive arrangements... The voices underscored and illuminated Wendell Berry's reflections on the power, grace, holiness and fragility of nature... the ensemble received a well earned standing ovation."
Washington Post

"A wonderful collaboration combining the evocative hammer dulcimer and the alluring sound of these young voices... simultaneously entertaining and enlightening"
Dick Van Kleeck, Kentucky Center for the Arts

"Dalglish is wondrously adept at envisioning what vocal polyphony can do, and very sensitive to the poetry he's dealing with. I've heard him as a solo folksinger, but these choral compositions, revealing mystic gifts and sonorities unavailable to the soloist, send shivers up my spine."
Dr. Austin Caswell Professor of Musicology, Indiana University School of Music

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