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Ooolitic Music OM 1112 (1999)
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Malcolm Dalglish Hammer Dulcimer, Vocals
The Ooolites Vocals

"Ethereal and strangely addictive. The Ooolites are a convincing argument that choir music isn't just for Christmas anymore."
Saint Paul Pioneer Press

Pleasure contains Epitaph
Winner of CARA's 1999 Best Song of the Year in the world folk category


Story Ballads, Mouth Music, Lullabies, Laments, Old Hymns and Dance Songs

Special appearances by: Glen Velez, percussion, N.Scott Robinson, percussion

Brief Song Descriptions


1 Swifts: about the joys of family life and these winged aerial
acrobats that sweep the summer skies above our towns.
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2 Sheep In The Meadow: a setting of Bonnie at Morn, an old pastoral
Northumbrian lullaby.
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3 Epitaph: Scottish bagpipe lament with Wendell Berry's words on how
we carry the memory of a deceased elder.

4 Pleasure: Celtic mouth music moves into "scat singing" jazz vocal.

5 Bushy Tail: a lyrical folk song "picture book". Features hound
dogs barking in parallel thirds.
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6 Quil 'O Quay: old Appalachian ballad in which a man kills a
monstrous wild boar. Learned from a retired coal miner.
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7 The Selchie and the Fisherman: a seal assumes the form of a woman,
marries and rescues her rescuer.
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8 Reel a' Bouche: a French Canadian lilting or mouth music piece.

9 A Psalm of Life: defiantly affirms life's purpose. One of Henry
Longfellow's first poems after his wife's death.

10 Pegasus: about rising from despair in dreams of flying. Melodic
material borrowed from a 14th Century Italian Laude.

11 Kitty Alone: a lyrical and catchy children's critter song.

12 Bye Oh Baby: 2 part folk lullaby

13 Woody Knows Nothin': a love song with birds and beguiling folk
poetry that warms the heart and the imagination.

14 Bayou Sara: based on an African American roustabout song about an
1884 riverboat disaster on the Mississippi.

15 Have Your Lamps Gone Out: based on a roustabout song of the
underground railroad.

16 Fount: melody of an old hymn with new words in praise of the earth
and our privilege to be here.

17 Sail Away: fancy foot work starts this song of liberation based on
the old banjo/fiddle dance tune Sail Away Ladies.

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