Pre-Printed Score Ordering Information

If required, Ooolitic Music can ship the customer pre-printed copies of any score. This service requires a minimum of 20 copies of each score ordered. This service is not available as an online credit card transaction with CCNow. Ordering and payment must be handled through our office. It is more expensive and requires more time to fill the order, as we would have to outsource the copy making. More weight and packaging increases shipping & handling costs as well.

Pre-printed copy prices for each score and ordering instructions are below.

TitleUnit Price20 Copies (minimum)
Prices do not include shipping & handling
Ballad of Taliesin, The$2.50$50.00
Bayou Sara$2.50$50.00
Broken Ground, The$2.35$47.00
Bushy Tail$2.50$50.00
Christmas Lullaby$2.10$42.00
Danville Klude (SSA)$2.75$55.00
Danville Klude (Spoken)$1.50$30.00
Dappled Things$2.35$47.00
Dark Around Us, The$2.35$47.00
Doo Pah$2.10$42.00
Field of Wings$3.10$62.00
Finches, The$2.10$42.00
For the Future$2.10$42.00
Great Trees$2.35$47.00
Handlebar of Wings$2.35$47.00
Have Your Lamps Gone Out?$2.50$50.00
Hm Bidi Deje$2.35$47.00
How Long Watchman$2.50$50.00
Hunger and Thirst$2.10$42.00
Into the Sky$2.50$50.00
Judah's Land$2.10$42.00
Kalanta of the New Year, The$2.35$47.00
Kitty Alone$2.50$50.00
Lay Me Low$2.35$47.00
Little Birdy$2.50$50.00
Little Potato (arr. C. Barnett)$2.65$53.00
Lullaby of Muffe$2.35$47.00
My Little Potato$2.65$53.00
Not It!$2.10$42.00
Oh My Friends$2.35$47.00
Opening Out, The$2.35$47.00
Over the River$2.35$47.00
Peace of Wild Things, The$2.10$42.00
Pie R Pie$3.10$62.00
Psalm of Life, A$2.35$47.00
Psalm of Solstice$2.35$47.00
Quil O' Quay$2.35$47.00
Reel a' Bouche$2.35$47.00
Rise Up Shepherd$2.80$56.00
Road to Canterbury, The$2.35$47.00
Sail Away$3.10$62.00
Selchie and the Fisherman, The$2.90$58.00
Shady Grove, The$2.35$47.00
Shady Grove Waltz, The$2.50$50.00
Shake These Bones$2.10$42.00
Sheep in the Meadow$2.35$47.00
Star in the East$3.60$72.00
Streams of Living Praise$1.75$35.00
Summer Dawg Day$1.50$30.00
Throw the Window Open$2.50$50.00
Thrush Song$2.80$56.00
To the Holy Spirit$1.75$35.00
Too Rah Lee Day$2.35$47.00
Under Heaven, Under the Sun$2.35$47.00
Walking at Night$2.50$50.00
Walking in the Cradle of Our Land$2.50$50.00
Watcha Wanna Do$1.50$30.00
Way Snow Fell, The$2.65$53.00
Wild Geese, The$2.50$50.00
Window Tree$2.10$42.00
You There In the Stars$2.50$50.00
Note to music dealers:
Please contact us directly for wholesale prices and drop-shipping arrangements.
Phone & fax: (812) 333-0838
Contact us via e-mail

To order pre-printed copies, please print and fill out an order form:

PDF format    Word format

and mail or fax the order form with a check made payable to Ooolitic Music using the contact information listed on the order form. Be sure to list voicings of pieces when multiple voicings are available (please refer back to the Sheet Music page).

See below for shipping & handling costs.

Upon receipt of the order form and check, we will outsource the copies and ship them via Priority Mail. The product should arrive within 3 days.

Shipping & Handling Table
for U.S. orders only

Determine the total number of scores to be copied and add shipping & handling to the cost of the order according to the table below:

Number of ScoresS&H Fee
20–50 scores$7.50
51–100 scores$12.50
101–200 scores$17.50
201–300 scores$22.50
301–400 scores$27.50
401–500 scores$32.50